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When I say out on the farm, this is the epitome of a small Kentucky homestead and flashbacks of my own childhood – playing with goats and chasing chickens. When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to escape it, but here I am – the proudest aunt in all of the world living right down the road from this slice of heaven.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million times again because this is one of my greatest blessings in life – my best friend since 14 and I married brothers. We live 7 miles from each other living totally different amazing lives – literal ying and yang. I went more with the Mary Poppins route with spoiled dogs, bees and flower fields and Sarah is the best mother on the planet, raising babies, gardens, and now a whole herd of animals. She’s the cornerstone of our family and the epitome of a loving, nurturing, patient mother  – thankful she still mothers me a bit to this day.

These babes spend their days playing outside, showing me their rock collections, their new pets and taking that moment to rub their hands through the soft grass and stopping to pick a dandelion on our walks. They don’t care much about Disney world, but do care alot about the perfect place they call home. Looking back with all the nostalgia of my own upbringing, I can only smile that this was paradise all along. The Julie Andrews/Sound of Music – “I must’ve done something good” song always reminds me of them.

Patrick loves cats, Cole loves goats and Alice is happy to be tagging along and holding whatever animal is close enough – also important to note my girl said “auntie” for the first time on my shoulders this day and that’s the best Christmas gift she could give me. Cole is celebrating his birthday this week, so I took a few extra moments with him and his favorite baby goat – but my favorite is at the end. This boy decided to be a goat for Halloween, so we incorporated his costume with his furry friends and I encouraged him to wear this everyday of the year.

So tons more of my favorites below of a family I’m so proud to be a part of – in these time of uncertainty – nothing is more certain of the importance of love, family and getting back to basics.


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