What to Wear

No need to rush out and buy everything new, what’s most important is that you are comfortable and your outfits really show off who you are! I’ve also put together a board for inspiration – these all range in different types of photography but you should be able to draw a lot of inspiration and see what catches your eye!



For Outdoor Sessions: (applicable to engagements/family, etc)

Some tips for looking amazing in front of the camera:

-Layers and texture are amazing! Clothes that add movement (like maxi dresses/skirts/shawls, etc) also add that extra special touch.
– Dont wear clothes with words/letters on them. I promise. Just don’t.
-Don’t match – coordinate! Pick 3-5 colors and stay within that for your outfits.
-NO NEON COLORS, they reflect badly!
-The brighter the color, the less there should be of it across the whole family/couple.
-No matchy-matchy outfits! Make sure everyone is uniquely themselves.
-Don’t forget the accessories!
-Make smart footwear choices. Remember: we’re going on an adventure. :) I’d advise strongly against heels!

For Studio Sessions: 

Newborns – no need to bring anything for baby unless it’s super specific. I have all the wraps/props/bonnets and headbands for you to choose from. For parent shots/sibling shots with new baby, think SUPER SIMPLE. Plain/neutral colors. Literally can be a t-shirts or tank top. I will send you a whole packet on what to expect and what to bring!

Sitter Sessions – I also have a lot of outfits to choose from, but if you’d like to bring your own, I suggest SUPER SIMPLE. These type of portraits I really want to focus on your babe, so think plain/neutral colored onesies, etc.  The CUTEST little plain outfits for 6 month/1 year sessions: https://hellolittle.co/

Some of my favorite stores!

Women/maxi dresses: Baltic BornModCloth

Women/Girls – Joyfolie 

Little Girls/Boys: Baileys Blossoms

Boys: Janie and Jack

For the Whole Family: H&M, Old Navy, Target

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