The Boone Family | An Exotic Animal Paradise

I always thought it wasn’t true – a farm with camels, zebras right down the road from me. Couldn’t be. But one day, on my way to a session, low and behold – I passed it – my heart nearly exploded. On the way home I stopped and left my card in the mailbox but didn’t hear anything. That weekend while I was shooting a wedding, one of the bridesmaids came up to me and said “did you go around putting your cards in a lot of mailboxes, or just mine.” THIS my friends, is serendipity.

We obviously became best friends, and a few weeks later I found myself tromping around their farm with their family, checking out all of their animals. This is literal heaven on earth – my Steve Irwin heart was screaming in delight as I got to pet camels (including a BABY CAMEL), zebras, yaks, I mean the list goes on and on.

These four legged babes are well loved and have all the attention they could ask for from these 3 kids – who have no idea that they are living all my dreams. Could you imagine saying, let’s go out and check on our baby camel? Or, wonder how our zebra is doing today? Let’s go pet the alpacas – all 30 of them. Seriously, I may just move in.

So if you find yourselves between New Haven and Loretto, you should pull off and give these guys a look. This family doesn’t mind of course as long as you are respectful, keep a safe distance and respect their privacy. I promise it will make your day just like it did mine.



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