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2021 Ch-ch-ch-changes…..

Hey hey friends! Just a little note to talk about changes to my pricing/discounts and work schedule!

First and foremost, thank you, for your unwavering support. I’m nearing 10 years in business and 9 years full time and that sounds like a day dream – but turns out it’s real life and I couldn’t do it without you!

As I do every year, I’m closed December 15 – Feb 28th. I’ve done this the past 5 years and will continue to do so. This is my time to spend with family, take a trip, rest my mind and prepare for the upcoming year. While my career is absolutely amazing, it’s hard to be creative with an emotionally exhausted brain – and this winter hiatus fixes me right up!

I’m making a few minor changes going forward, and wanted to take a  minute to explain.

Great news is, my pricing is not increasing, it’s just combining. In many previous years, clients have paid a session fee, and options to purchase after your gallery is complete. 99.9999% of my clients always purchased the full digital gallery, so I’m making all sessions all inclusive – one fee covers everything, including digital files. This is the same you’ve paid in the past, just easier.  You can see those changes here: https://elainajanes.com/portrait-pricing-2021/ While I understand this isn’t ideal for everyone on the planet, it is for me and my business, and I’ll be happy to refer you to others in the community that will be the perfect fit.

I will be going exclusive digital download for all portrait sessions going forward, and for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s less waste, less garbage in the can. Secondly, it’s just more efficient and immediate for us both. As always, I will continue to keep a back up of your images here safe with me and on the cloud.  Weddings will always come with a USB, so no changes there!

My first year discount has changed a little – and for the better! Previously, it was newborn, 6, 9 month sessions with me and your 1 year session fee was free! NOW – it’s Newborn, 6 month and $150 off your 1 year session. You can come as many sessions as you like, but this fits better, easier to understand and gives you more flexibility.

As always, I shoot portrait sessions on weekdays – I don’t mind to shoot on weekends if I don’t have a wedding or family plans, but know that’s far and few between. I do my very best to always accommodate you, while trying to find balance in my own life and will continue to do so.

Wedding pricing is the same and I’m currently booking for 2022. With most of my 2020 brides moving to 2021, on top of regular 2021 bookings the year has filled up fast.

My biggest, longest and heart felt hugs to you all. You continue to amazing me each and every season, so please know that will these changes comes an immense amount of gratitude and eagerness to serve you better, each and every time.

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