Joe + Sam | 06.18.16

Joe and Sam were married this past weekend at the family farm – a special place the family all holds so dear to their heart. Where all their childhood memories are the sweetest, where we have said hello and said goodbye to loved ones. Where we celebrate holidays, hunting seasons, and everyone’s birthday in between. A farm that has been in the family for generations – and this was the very first wedding we can now add to The Gunning Farm’s list of celebrations and memories.  (We did their engagement photos here too!)

Nestled back a long gravel road, surrounded by hills and knobs, Joe and Sam were married on the lake with their closest friends and family surrounding them. This was a community effort – a gorgeously, breathtaking DIY wedding where everyone in the family pitched in. And considering they’re my family too – I couldn’t imagine not capturing this perfect day for them. Friends and family did makeup, decorated, my handsome husband officiated!, local restaurants catered, and close friends even played at the reception. It was sentimental, close day that was full of smiles.

Sam and her sister are all about vintage – always dressing so cool (I’m always thinking in my head “I wish I could pull that off” when I see them), and came across a handmade vintage wedding dress first worn in 1942. It fit Sam perfectly and are one of the most delicate, timeless dresses I’ve ever photographed.

So a cheers to love, to family and friends – and for knowing those are the most important things in life. More of my favorites from their gorgeous day. <3

Hair – Ashley Johnson (Hair and Nail Detail )


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