Calista + Travis | 06.11.16

Happy Hump Day folks, in the best way possible – because in accordance with my awesome random life, there was a camel at this wedding. A CAMEL. Imagine my excitement when I got out of the car and it was a surprise to me. I don’t know if I would have been more thrilled if Will Ferrell showed up himself.

Calista + Travis had a magical day at The Ole French Restaurant in Glasgow, KY – where indeed you can find a camel, zebra, zonkey and a llama or two fenced in and housed right on the property. It was a hot day, but a BEAUTIFUL day – and quite the adventurous one too.

Not only did we get to hang out with the exotic livestock and a beautiful property, I somehow made best friends with people at the local airport and a farmer right down the road that let us frolic in his fields and gave us access to his amazing greenhouses, filled with baby tobacco plants!

This day is filled with joy from the very start. Pure, genuine joy. Every photo that crossed my screen I could see the happiness, love and JOY from every person being there. Calista is effortlessly beautiful, she lights up a room without trying. And the love that her and Travis share (along with their sweet son – ring security!) is contagious.

So if you ever scroll through every photo on the blog of mine – let it be this one today. While the details are beautiful – the love outshines. (Give it some time to load, it’s a doozy!)

A big congrats to Calista + Travis + Ryker – may everyday of your lives together be as consumed in love and laughs as this one was.

Here’s a few more (er, hundreds)  favorites from their kick-ass day.

Venue: The Ole French Restaurant
Florals: Western KY University
Decor/Design/Tabletops – The Awesome Bride + Gang!

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