Julie + Lee | 06.25.16

Julie and Lee were married this past weekend on their future homestead – a farm they own and love. They built the fence together, the driveway together, their alter together and had a perfect day there together on Saturday.

Nestled right outside of Lawrenceburg, you drove down a long gravel drive to a perfect piece of the Bluegrass. We had a gorgeous hot summer day, and an even more so beautiful night. We laughed, teared up, danced and hugged. They planted a tree during their ceremony, had beers ready for a toast right before their kiss, an amazing band, and Chinese lanterns that evening. It went exactly as Julie had planned, and all of their hard work definitely paid off.

So more of my favorites from their gorgeous day – and a big cheers to Julie and Lee – starting a new chapter in their lives together now as husband a wife. <3

Now booking 2017 – let’s get together for your perfect day!


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