Jessi + Josh | 04.16.16

Jessi and Josh headed up from Nashville to get married on her family’s farm in the heart of sweet Hodgenville, KY. Down a long gravel road, through fields and over a creek, sitting on top of a hill were the two most beautiful tobacco barns you’ve ever seen in the county. And the perfect place for these two to begin their journey as husband and wife.

We had a clear, sunny WARM day – couldn’t have been a better breeze and a sweet sunset. We started in the home Jessi grew up in, went to an old, marvelous country Mansion (that I still am tempted just to move in to – I’m looking at you Mr. Boyd!), sweet green wheat fields, a barn wedding, her Dad’s old truck and a sparkler send off. And everything went according to plan without missing a beat. It was a relaxing day filled with love and laughs – and I know that is the exact day she has always dreamed of.

So a big congrats to Jessi and Josh, as they begin a whole new adventure together! I”m currently booking into 2017, so if you’re planning your dream day just like this one – let’s get together.

Hugs, love and a cheers to Spring!

Wedding Planner: Angela Miller, Ivory Grace Event Planning
Cake Artist: La French Cakes (270-358-4841)
Food Truck: Pollo Gourmet Chicken Joint


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