Alex + Michael | 04.08.16

On Friday, Alex and Michael were married in Bardstown, KY – a beautiful sunny, rainy, cold, warm – typical Kentucky spring afternoon. And despite the weather giving us a run for our money, they couldn’t have had a more perfect day of celebration.

Alex smiled all day. From the minute I walked in, to the time I left she was gleaming from ear to ear. And I really can’t blame her – with all your favorites by your side and marrying the man of your dreams I’d say it’s hard not to.

We were granted awesome access to Heaven Hill Distillery, right in the heart of Bourbon Country and made our way through the most beautiful small town in America (really! It’s official!).  We dodged rain and hail, we danced, THEY HAD A TACO BAR, and celebrated the night away.

So a big big congrats to Michael and Alex – may your days together be as filled as love as this one was.

Venue: Prepartion: Spalding Hall Penthouse, Bardstown, KY
Ceremony, Reception: St. Joseph, Bardstown, KY
DJ: Dave Drummond, Odyssey Mobile Entertainment 

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