A 30th Birthday Cake Smash

This is what happens when you are a photographer, and one of your ride or dies turn 30.

She’s one of my best friends, and I’ve known this little pink sparkle officially for 1/2 her life.  She’s a diva, candy cravin’, hot mess of an amazing friend, a bad ass hairstylist, and basically a comedian. Her tongue is even pink because she came prancing in the studio with a lollipop. Real life, folks.

So, what took me off guard is that she was nervous about this shoot idea. WHAT?! I mean, this is basically everything about your life I could possibly purchase off of Amazon right away. I had to pull a friend card or two, but she agreed, then came in and rocked this session like no other. If 1 years olds can have cake smashes, then by god 30 year olds can too.

We threw sparkles, drank wine and ate cake. Exactly what we all should be doing when we turn 30 anyway.

My dear friend Ashley, you are FABULOUS.

And a big thanks to my dear friend at MohawkNotIncluded for the Tutu, and Sugar Fashion Cakes for the gorgeous smash cake. You both rock really hard.

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