Erin + Joey | Santa Rosa Beach Wedding

We packed the car and headed south to the breathtaking Santa Rosa Beach in Florida for this gorgeous, intimate wedding. My darling husband was the officiant, their nearest and dearest were all present for a heartfelt ceremony right on the beach. The weather was perfection, I can still smell that sweet, salty breeze. Erin and Joey’s daughter, Emma – well, she cried happy tears and couldn’t contain herself – we were all crying before it was over.

I’ve known this family for over 1/2 my life, so it was such a great privilege to be here, to witness, and to capture this simply sweet day filled with love.

So here is a sneak peek from their day – 9 years together, a perfect 7 year old daughter and now husband and wife. Erin and Joey – I hope the chapters ahead of you are as sweet as the ones before.

Now booking 2016 and available for travel worldwide.

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