Elle + Kurt | 9.12.15

Elle and Kurt traveled all the way from Hawaii to get married this past weekend in the gorgeous hills of Kentucky at The Barn at Cedar Grove. And from one paradise to another, it was perfect.

These two grew up hundreds of miles away from each other (Kurt here in KY and Elle in Wisconsin) and met in Hawaii, where Kurt was stationed in the Navy and Elle had recently moved. And it’s been an amazing love story ever since. Two years and one long deployment later, here they are – husband and wife.

It was one of those days that gave you goosebumps. A day filled with their favorite people from near and far – perfect weather and high fives all day long. A day that’s hard to describe in words, so I’m going to show you a crap-ton of photos instead. ;)

Days like this are possible when you have over-the-top amazing vendors that do everything in their power to make sure things run smoothly – and Elle knew what she was doing, even from an island out in the Pacific! So if you’re planning your own wedding, make sure to check out the links below to her fabulous team!

HIGHLIGHTS – while this is just a very small portion of all their wedding photos, there’s a lot. A LOT. So just go ahead and give it a second to load up, you’ll be happy. And some of my favorite things about this day – my best friend flew in from New York to shoot it with me. It was glorious, and so is she. Check out BELLA POSA and if you’re in Upper New York in the Watertown area, go ahead and book her. You won’t be sorry. Other awesome mentions – that handsome officiant is my husband, and he did so good I could cry with pride! A family dog. A teary groom, bridal party and even the flower girl. A bridal party line dance. A clear sky with stars. Sparkler fun. Cornfields. And a lot of fun. Like, a TON of fun.

To Elle and Kurt – THANK YOU for everything you did to allow me to be a part of this day. Thank you for your friendship, your trust and all of our laughs. I promise to make it to Hawaii and follow you around with a camera, I’ll travel to Wisconsin for every family holiday and wedding, and I promise that we will be forever friends. I hope everyday is filled with the same amount of love as it was on your wedding – I hope you laugh until your stomach hurts often and you have a cold beverage wherever this life may take you.

Venue: The Barn at Cedar Grove
Florals/Decor/Food/All the awesome things: Swans Landing
Videography: Happy Camper Films
Photography: Elaina Janes Photography
Second Shooter: Bella Posa
Cake: Cakes by Camille 
Vintage Rentals: Spirit and Soul Vintage Rentals 

Elaina Janes Photography_1110

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And the sweetest teaser from their AMAZING videographers, Happy Camper Films:


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