Renee + Wade | Surprise Engagement


Renee is one of my dearest friends. Gorgeous both inside and out, loves sushi as much as I do and a heart with tremendous love. And to be a part of this, even a tiny little part – well, made my year.

Wade and I had talked about doing *something* like this for months – but earlier this week – he was ready. We had a day off that lined up and started brewing up some plans. Renee is a hard person to fool – she can read you like a book in seconds, so we had to go above and beyond to make this work.

Since Renee has let me photograph her in junkyards and old bath tubs without any question, a shoot was the easiest way to get her dolled up and in front of my camera without me having to hide in a bush and pop out. Wade arranged a super cool car (Thanks Hollywood Steve!), we coordinated outfits and ideas – and it was set – A model shoot that I was going to submit. Wade and I had a code word for when I was ready, to hide the ring in his boot so she wouldn’t feel it in his pockets when I was posing them – even where I was going to submit these images too. I was SO nervous when they pulled up that I had to keep my sunglasses on the whole time so she couldn’t see my face – anybody that knows me can tell you I am a *terrible keeper of secrets* when they are fun and exciting. As in, if I get you a Christmas present early, expect to open it early because the suspense will kill me – kinda thing.

One of my favorite images below is when she’s hugging Wade. Maybe kissing, I don’t know. I’m still a bit emotional. ;) Anyway, you can clearly read the tattoo on her forearm of her ring finger that reads, ” And when it seems impossible to love you more…..I do.”

This was *very little me* and a whole lot of Wade – I’m just the gal with the camera and blog that is ever so lucky to get to be a part of these sort of things. When we were chatting in the parking lot he said, “I just love her so much, it had to be special.”

High Five to you Wade.. Right on brother.

So happy for these two. SO FREAKIN HAPPY. Not only to be a part of this, but to help them plan their wedding, and of course shoot it. Duh.



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