Renee + Wade | 12.29.14

Renee and Wade were married in a private ceremony on 12/29/14 at 3:00 pm at The State Theater in Elizabethtown. A sweet, sweet elopement 6.2 miles from home.  And one of the most simple, beautiful and heartfelt ceremonies I’ve ever photographed.

We brought in a record player, the rings and my camera and it couldn’t have been more perfect. My husband is ordained and preformed the ceremony, I took care of photos, and the rest happened all on it’s own. The love these two share filled the room – their smiles say it all and any words I would try and put together for them would do it quite the injustice. They danced in an empty theater, but it felt full. It was really just simply perfect.

If you frequent my blog often, you may recognize them from another post – when Wade and I had Renee tricked into thinking they were doing me a favor by modeling for me for a shoot, but really – she got engaged (You can see that blog posts here.) These two have been making me keep exciting secrets all year long, so I’m so glad that we can share these moments with the world. Even more thankful that I got to be a part of something so amazing – SO REAL – with one of my best friends in all of the world.

So cheers to love – to following your heart – starting new journeys and finding your greatest adventure. 2015 has great things to come for us all.

Pop, fizz, clink to a new year, and a year filled with love and laughs.



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