Maria + Lucas | 05.21.16

Maria + Lucas had one extraordinary day. We saw every kind of weather Kentucky has to offer in the spring, a laid back afternoon, and more guests than she can count to help celebrate such an amazing moment in their lives.

This is a wedding that shows community, all right in the heart of little ole’ Hodgenville – and my beloved home town. Maria’s family owns and runs the Sweet Shoppe downtown on the square, the whole family being a huge local part of the community, and an amazing community where you find love and support from everyone. We started our day at a new Bed and Breakfast in town, All the Way Plumb – and man was it fantastic; Southern charm and love at it’s finest. (And they have matching vintage sprees!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!)  We made our way to my favorite place on the planet, Lee’s Garden Center for my first time EVER shooting in a greenhouse – and it was as perfect as it could have been. A trip to a local forest, and back to the Baptist Church to get these two married. In between the rain, some sun and AMAZING fog, it sure was a super fun afternoon.

So a huge congrats to these two amazing people, as they start a new chapter in their book of adventures. <3

Venue/Locations: All the Way Plumb, Bed and Breakfast 
Lee’s Garden Center 

Florals: Vaughn House of Flowers
Cake: Sugar Fashion Cakes


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