Kimberly + Ronnie – Fairytales Do Come True (Disney Part 2!)

The most epic thing I’ve ever seen folks – in my whole life. Kimberly and Ronnie know how to blow minds. An amazing Game of Thrones inspired wedding in the most magical place on earth!

If you’re just stumbling upon this, this is the second day of wedding festivities for these two in Disney World – where they were married on 9/17 in the Grand Floridian’s Wedding Pavilion. And just because, if you want to see their full costume rehearsal day – it’s right HERE. A perfect preface to this totally different, yet amazing wedding celebration below.

Kimberly and Ronnie’s attire + their entire ceremony was based around their love for Game of Thrones. Inspiration for her hair, crown, cloak and entire nuptials were taken from the series, and done to perfection. Bridesmaids adored custom dresses by Kate Pankoke, representing modern day Disney Princesses. Groomsmen even had Star War socks – there wasn’t a detail spared.

There’s so much to this magical day, let’s just go ahead and jump right in.

elaina-janes-photography_2918elaina-janes-photography_2919elaina-janes-photography_2920elaina-janes-photography_2921All of the bridesmaid dresses were designed  to represent the modern day version of the Disney Princesses they were the day before. The details put into this were extraordinary, and spot on. Such a unique, cohesive collection that I know was everything Kimberly could have dreamed. elaina-janes-photography_2922elaina-janes-photography_2923elaina-janes-photography_2924Crowning of the queen – and she definitely was one – even *slightly* in character all day – as she should. elaina-janes-photography_2925

When you can’t bring your beloved dogs with you, this is what you do. *Makes note for self for my own future vacations.*

elaina-janes-photography_2926elaina-janes-photography_2927elaina-janes-photography_2928A suit made for a king, complete with a cloak and sword. Kimberly and Ronnie had two amazing photo shoots in the morning with their first look at some pretty amazing spots throughout the parks with another pair of talented Disney Photographers. Overall, there were 4 of us capturing this day along with 2 videographers. So, you’ll see my personal, journalistic approach here and I’m sure so many more coming from Disney that I CANNOT wait to see. I’ll probably watch the wedding video more than the bride and groom themselves. :)
elaina-janes-photography_2929elaina-janes-photography_2930elaina-janes-photography_2931elaina-janes-photography_2932elaina-janes-photography_2933What’s a royal wedding without miniature horses, and a glass Cinderella carriage?! elaina-janes-photography_2934elaina-janes-photography_2935This was a total secret. Right before the ceremony she slipped away and changed into this amazing gorgeous, dramatic gown.
elaina-janes-photography_2936elaina-janes-photography_2937Their wedding programs even included an image from them at Rehearsal the day before – to show their amazing transformation. The Royal Court indeed! elaina-janes-photography_2938
Ronnie walked down to the IMPERIAL MARCH from Star Wars. I almost passed out from excitement. elaina-janes-photography_2939elaina-janes-photography_2940elaina-janes-photography_2941Showstoppers! elaina-janes-photography_2942elaina-janes-photography_2943The door swung open in perfect rhythm to reveal Kimberly – in her secret dress – walking down the isle to the Game of Thrones Theme Song. *cue goosebumps* elaina-janes-photography_2944elaina-janes-photography_2945elaina-janes-photography_2946elaina-janes-photography_2947elaina-janes-photography_2949“You may now cloak the bride and bring her under your protection.”
Cloaking of the new queen – every part of their vows represented the House of Jackson and the House of Puno joining together.
elaina-janes-photography_2948Again, a perfectly dramatic entrance of their rings, introduced by trumpets and this guy!
elaina-janes-photography_2950elaina-janes-photography_2951Let it be known that Kimberly of House Jackson and Ronnie of  House Puno are one heart…”
And now tied together, one heart and one soul.
“I am his and she is mine.”elaina-janes-photography_2952elaina-janes-photography_2953“With this kiss, I pledge my love.” elaina-janes-photography_2954elaina-janes-photography_2955elaina-janes-photography_2956elaina-janes-photography_2957elaina-janes-photography_2958Long May They Reign! elaina-janes-photography_2959elaina-janes-photography_2960elaina-janes-photography_2961elaina-janes-photography_2962elaina-janes-photography_2963elaina-janes-photography_2964elaina-janes-photography_2965Ribbon Wands and Flower Petal Cannons! elaina-janes-photography_2966elaina-janes-photography_2967elaina-janes-photography_2968elaina-janes-photography_2969Each table at their breathtaking reception had a theme  – Cinderella, Anna and Elsa, Rapunzel, etc. Also held at the Grand Floridian in the ballroom – it was nothing short of spectacular. elaina-janes-photography_2970elaina-janes-photography_2971elaina-janes-photography_2972elaina-janes-photography_2973elaina-janes-photography_2974I feel like I’m overusing the word epic in this post, but nothing else quite fits. THIS EPIC first dance. elaina-janes-photography_2975Ever seen a wedding cake like this? Yeah, me neither!
And what’s hologram-ish wedding cake without a custom topper of Ronnie and Kimberly and their beloved dogs.
After dinner, these fairy godmothers entertained us with a surprise fashion show, highlighting each of the bridesmaids and their gowns! I was there, and I am still surprised with the details writing this blog. elaina-janes-photography_2978elaina-janes-photography_2979elaina-janes-photography_2980Kate, the designer of these gowns and the AMAZING bridesmaids. Can’t tell that they were fun at all, huh? elaina-janes-photography_2981elaina-janes-photography_2982elaina-janes-photography_2983elaina-janes-photography_2984elaina-janes-photography_2985elaina-janes-photography_2986elaina-janes-photography_2987They call each other Cookie + Cupcake. :)

elaina-janes-photography_2988A guest at the wedding is a professional dancer in Las Vegas. Ever heard of the show, America’s Best Dance Crew?! ^^^^^
ROYALS ON POINT. elaina-janes-photography_2993elaina-janes-photography_2994elaina-janes-photography_2995elaina-janes-photography_2996elaina-janes-photography_2997elaina-janes-photography_2998elaina-janes-photography_2999elaina-janes-photography_3000elaina-janes-photography_3001elaina-janes-photography_3002elaina-janes-photography_3003elaina-janes-photography_3004elaina-janes-photography_3005elaina-janes-photography_3006After the reception, a private dessert party and fireworks overlooking The Castle. It was as magical as it comes – to the point I’m speechless, or can’t put into words what I really want to say. So from the bride and groom themselves: ” We have worked so hard to plan a fairy tale wedding, we will work just as hard to plan a fairy tale marriage. Fairy tales do come true….”

Venue: The Grand Floridian
Wedding Planner:   Pamela Mattack, Disney
Florist, Cake Artist, Decor – Disney
Makeup – Bella con Stile’ Beauty –
Band: Private Stock
Wedding Dresses: European Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Kate Pankoke
Tuxes: National Tuxedo Rental

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