Kimberly + Ronnie – A Magical Day in Disney (Part 1)

This Disney destination wedding weekend is one for the books. Go ahead and sit for just a second. Get a drink, maybe some coffee and let this baby load up. Mentally prepare for the ultimate Disney Themed Wedding Day. Take a deep breath, and be prepared for a little magic.  AND THIS IS JUST THE REHEARSAL. I have another blog coming soon this weekend on their wedding day, and I can promise you  that you don’t want to miss either.

So. Where to start. *sips coffee, closes eyes and remembers one of those most amazing experiences with a smile*

It is without a doubt that Kimberly and Ronnie poured their heart and soul into every last detail of this weekend. My day started with them on Friday, I showed up to their hotel suite at the Grand Floridian to see 11 princesses and a bride getting ready. It was like the best slumber party you’ve ever been to as a child  – on steroids. Giggles, makeup, dress up. Kimberly prepared each costume for each bridesmaid (and groomsmen!) and the details alone on *just that* were impressive. I’ll have whatever she’s drinking for eternity, please.

The Wedding Chapel at the Grand Floridian was everything you’d hope it would be and more, overlooking the castle. That evening we were all picked up at our hotels and escorted to Epcot, where most guests attending the wedding were greeted with an AMAZING dinner, surrounded by aquariums and SCUBA MICKEY. SCUBA MICKEY CAME, and as I was taking their photo, a giant sting ray swam right into my frame, and I genuinely just about lost my sh*t with excitement. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

You’d think our night would end there, but nope. There was more magic. Off to an amazing dessert party directly overlooking the fireworks at Epcot.  Upon every dessert you could think of, we have nitrogen fired smores. And most certainly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted. I’m craving one right now, actually.

A late night stroll through the park back to our buses, and my heart was exploding with happiness. I think I’m still processing it to be honest. And this is just the first day.

Kimberly and Ronnie – cheers to an epic weekend. To your amazing planning skills. And to blowing this girls mind.


Venue: Grand Floridian + Epcot
Wedding Dress: European Bridal
Makeup – Bella con Stile’ Beauty –

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