The Skaggs Family | The Real Marlboro Man

I pulled up in the driveway to photograph this family, a few came out one by one and greeted me – probably ready to get these over with. You can audibly hear all the sighs from dad, little kids around the world when we say ‘big family pictures.’ But this day turned out to one of the best days I’ve had in forever, and I hope they can say the same.

As they came outside, Nana greeted me with love in her eyes you could see from 10 miles away, and behind her walked out Bob. He was in fact, ready to get these over with, but turned out to be the star of the show.

Bob, whom I immediately thought was Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck’s love child turns out to be the Marlboro Man of Mt. Sherman. His eye glimmered when I called him Burt Reynolds, and went by it the rest of the day. He showed me his Impala (all original, may I add) and asked for a photo with it. Turns out, we took like 100 and he was the model man of my dreams, and did it happily. Need more presuading that he’s a true cowboy of LaRue County? Sure. He has a horse named Tex.

We did full family, individual families, couples, 6 months for sweet Carter all on this afternoon and I never stopped smiling. I even invited myself to Thanksgiving dinner and Nana gave me some of the sweetest compliments of my life and she walked me to my car.

You guys. This is love. This is why I do my job. And days like this are so important. <3


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