The Guandique Family

If you’re local to Elizabethtown, you know these faces are familiar – Olivia is co-owner of one of our towns most treasured small businesses – Denizen. But you also know, that owning a small business is a family affair – you’ll often see Georgia in the store, greeting customers and peddling plants, Martin is often behind the scenes helping in more ways than we ever know.

They are also the most loving – go with the flow family you’ll ever run into. About 30 minutes before our session, it POURED down rain in true 2020 fashion. Like a legit storm. They were down to get wet. Then it cleared up. Then the sun came out. And then we had the most gorgeous sunset sitting in a boat. They were down for the worst case scenario, when luckily we got the best.

This is also a great example of how we ‘wing it’ together. Do I pre-plan all of my shoots down to the last detail? Absolutely not. I borrowed this boat from my mom and picked flowers to stuff in the back just a few hours before they came. My husband pulled out the drone we bought last year and have never used, watched a few YouTube videos on how to work it, and took his first photos with it just an hour later. And guys, trusting your gut, going with the flow and trying something new often always provides the most gorgeous results.  Get out there and get vulnerable.

A cheers to this family and to sun always coming after a storm. And a giant heartfelt thanks to our sweet Elizabethtown – through the thick and thin of 2020 you have supported BOTH of our small businesses with love, continued support, which in turn keeps us going and providing for our own families. Thankful for a community like ours. <3


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Connect with us
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