Kara + Bobbi Jo | A secret flashmob engagement

This has been in the works for over 7 months. I came in to play around 4 months ago, and I think everyone that they knew were in on it somehow. Many (sweet, little) lies were told. Amazing coordination and sneak aways – and people from all over the country. And somehow – it played out flawlessly.

My role was pretty simple, but I had to be coordinated, keep my mouth shut, cover up lies and stay cool. All of which I’m not really good at. My anxiety the week of probably upped the stock of Pepto. And that day, I could have thrown up at any given second. But I didn’t.

Kara and I have been talking in lengths – from locations, to times, to how to cover up lies and so on. So, we planned a legit photoshoot for their darling son, Tristan, and his second birthday. I know these amazing ladies well, as I’ve been documenting their family since Tristan was just a bun in the oven. We worked on outfits, something different than what we’ve already done in the past – picking times that went around Tristan’s nap schedule.

And let’s talk about how it didn’t rain. Considering it’s rained for a solid month, this was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had.

So, we took photos – killed some time – enjoyed each other until exactly 4:00. Then I had to have them in an exact spot and wait for the music to play – in the beginning, just a few people started dancing, which we all thought was cool and just looked confused. Kara and Bobbi Jo’s friends and family were all hiding behind the flower garden we were shooting in front of, hopped right in with the other dancers and Kara joined in. It was amazing – like something right off of TV. I’m getting goosebumps typing this, because, well – it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever been a part of or photographed. Ever.

They formed a semi-circle at the end and Kara said the sweetest words to Bobbi Jo. “You’ve given me everything…..” she said.

All of this was done knowing the ruling at the end of June to legalized same sex marriage. We never worried about it not passing – not once. Because – love wins. We all know this.

So without further ado – more from their amazing day! Here’s the link to them on the NEWS!  and a tiny little video I made on my Facebook Page! More videos are in the works, but for now, these will have to tide you over.

Bobbi Jo and Kara – the love you have for each other is contagious. The way you look at Tristan. The way you are so effortless amazing together, we see that. We love you, we look up to you, and we all can’t wait to see you get married. <3

Flash Mob/Choreographer: Mitchell A. Finke


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