Alyssa + Michael | Sweet Savannah Wedding

Michael and Alyssa had a gorgeous evening wedding in Savannah last weekend. It rained a little, the sun came out, we had a nice evening breeze tucked back a long country road at The Mackey House.

The sweet little details that meant so much really made this day. Alyssa had bracelets made from a family wedding dress, bows for her and her mother and one from the buttons for her grandmother. The clothespins on the boutonnieres were from Michael’s grandmother’s clothesline. The necklace she wore was a gift from Michael he brought back from China. Their wine box was made by a close friend. They wanted a group photo with all of their guests. These little thoughtful things, well they made such a huge impact. Love and laughter, all day. :)

And even sweeter, is that Michael is my cousin – so along with getting to be a part of such an amazing day, I got to spend time with my family with a little extended vacation in Savannah, which is one of my favorite cities of all time. This was my last destination wedding this year, so we soaked up the salty air and haunted streets as much as possible before heading home and getting to work on these gorgeous images!

So a big congrats to Michael and Alyssa! And more of my favorites from their gorgeous day. Hugs and Love!


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