Jessica and Ben | California Coast Adventure

California. I was there for the very first time the end of last month, and it was breathtaking. All of it. Highway 1 along the coast, a bit past Monterey – well, it all is just magic. Ocean and cliffs on one side, green mountains on the other. Redwood Forests right down the road. Mom and Pop Restaurants along the gorgeous drive. Flowers blooming on the beach. My first time seeing sea lions in the wild. In San Francisco the weather was amazing, the people were over the top friendly, and there was an adorable dog everywhere I turned.

And this is Jessica and her darling husband Ben, and a big reason I went out there to begin with. She opened up her home and let me stay with her for a week. We adventured until we were too tired to do another thing. We laughed, we talked shop, and I hope I pushed her out of her comfort zone a few times. She has the heart the size of Texas, will give anyone the shirt off of her back, and a willingness to learn that you just don’t see that often.

So to my darling friend, I hope you can see how beautiful we all see you – how the world sees you. I hope that you know that you are good enough, for anything. I hope that you had just the amazing time that I did, I hope you drive along that highway as often as you can. I hope that you know you live in one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen, and I often giggle about your turtle. I hope I was able to pass along a little pep for your step.  And I truly hope you never forget about little ole’ me and we can do this again. <3

-I love to travel. LOVE. No place is to far for me. For your wedding, a session, talking shop. I’m game. Promise.

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