Her Great Grandparents Garden

My hope is that one day, Mila will look back at these as a grown adult and see where she came from – from love, hard work.  I hope she sees how much love surrounds her, how lucky she is to have great grandparents, holding her right in their garden where so much of their love and hard work are spent.

Mary Ellen and Harvey are the two longest working behind  Mink and Walters Pumpkin Patch. But they go far beyond just pumpkins – mums were lined and irrigated, their garden spread far and wide – and both were working in it when I showed up. And THANKFULLY, let me do a photo session with them just as they are – in their work clothes, with their family, and with their newest great-grand daugther.

We played in the garden, we ate watermelon, we walked around the family farm and laid in the sunshine. These are the days my friends, to remember – to close our eyes and be right there again, right there in that hot sun.

Mila, my hope is to show and preserve love that surrounds you little girl. Happy sweet 6 months to you.

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