Claire + Reid 7.7.21

Claire and Reid escaped to the mountains with us and were married on lucky 7-7.

We vacationed with them a few days before their vows, and we missed them immediately when our travels took us onward. They are the perfect combination of hilarious, kind, soft, thoughtful, adorably beautiful dorks that you instantly fall in love with – want to keep them in your pocket and maybe move them in.

They got ready together in their hotel, we picked them up and headed to their favorite locations of Grand Tetons that we had been the day before.  We started with rain and their favorite lake, high wind (neither in the forecast) and then sunshine as they were saying their vows. Claire surprised Reid with a wedding band that she MADE…….We stepped aside and let them say their vows privately – the sun setting behind the mountains as their ceremony ended, in the most Hallmark movie kind of way.

They drank beer and popped champagne. They laughed endlessly. Their happiness is contagious – I promise you can’t get through these photos without feeling it too.

Elopements are honestly my favorite for a menagerie of reasons but some highlights are:
It is private, intimate and fun. The day is YOURS, completely.
It is usually a small group – this particular time it was just the four of us together. My husband married them while I photographed.
It’s a built in honeymoon.
And you just don’t have views like this in Kentucky.

So I’m ready to hit the trail, board the plane, get on the train whenever you are ready. In 2023 I’ll be slowly shifting to more travel work/elopements, so count me in.

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