Dre and Layla

Dear Dre and Layla,


You’re 10 and 13 now. You’ve crossed over that invisible line that puts you in the category of more grown, than not. And as you continue to learn and grow, remember to always try a little kindness first.

Kindness doesn’t mean you can’t stand up for yourself, stand your ground and radiate self respect.  It’s doesn’t mean you can’t disagree or have different values than others. Kindness is always your friend, and the first tool in your box when any of the above happen. Remember, people that hurt, hurt others. Sometimes all they need is a little kindness, try that first.

You make me so proud everyday, just as you are. You are brave, bold, smart, imaginative, and most importantly, you are kind. In a hard world, you bring softness. You are sensitive, protective and crazy. You’re everything the world needs, yet I’ll always try and protect you from the world.  I want you to only know kindness, but ya’ll know that won’t help us grow.

There will be times that kindness is the hardest thing to do. There will be times people are not kind to you. I’m sure there will be times that you are not kind to others. But circle back, try it again. And remember, even on the hardest days, be kind to yourself.

Together we rise, my loves. Keep shining bright, keep showing love, keep shining bright and adding color, keep breaking barriers and keep being kind.

I love you,
Auntie Elaina

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