Dre | 7 Years Young

This little guy looking all grown up is super special to me. My sweet God-son, Dre.

Kinda blows my mind that this tyke is 7. I can remember seeing him for the first time, his first birthday, that first day of school – and here he is – halfway grown. He was the first guy I took pictures of when I was just beginning. So many terrible photos I was outrageously proud of.  He was the first sweet special little boy in my life and a big inspiration in my career in photography. He loves with his whole heart, loves my dog and has a few tiny little toys hidden in my house. And here he is-  now 7 years old.

So, for my godchildren I’ve started a sweet little tradition I -hope- they’ll continue to let me do until their grown. I pick out outfits for them, take them on their very own photo shoot for the day. Their parents don’t know what I’m doing, so they’re just as excited to see these photos as anyone else. LOL. I did a similar shoot with Dre’s little sister Layla this summer when she turned 3 – and you can see that here if you missed it.

It was stupid cold when we did these photos – so I’m super proud that Dre stuck with me – all the while with a smile on his face. :) We played, adventured ate pizza and played games. And I think I needed a nap as bad as he did once we got home.

So to my sweet little Dre – ‘Laina loves you with her whole heart. Happy Birthday, sweet baby.


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