Claire + Shawn | Micro Wedding

Claire + Shawn. These two have adjusted everything about their year and biggest milestones – top two being graduating medical school virtually, and some real big changes to their wedding. But guys, I can’t stress enough how perfect this was. It was small and intimate – it was filled with LOVE from start to finish. I shot this smaller day as I would have any, and these darlings will have just as many photos from there day as a full-blown pre-covid wedding.

I know things are going to look different – but that doesn’t make them ‘less’. Maybe less hectic – MORE relaxed. Maybe less guests – MORE intimate. I’m always drawn to the small, delicate and meaningful moments of life, and even in the midst of a pandemic, these shine brighter than ever.

Married in her parents backyard, a tiny guestlist. No bridal party, but lots and lots of love and support. It was perfect.



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