Hallie’s First Year

I’ve photographed this girl when she was only a thought, a dream far away. From her parent’s engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn and every step until right here – we are celebrating her being one in just a few weeks. That little girl with the long hair, Disney princess eyes and wrist rolls for day, who easily steals the hearts of all she meets.  We had the best time at Starry Fields Farm to celebrate this babe among the flowers,  a quiet evening in the sun.

I get emotional when these big milestones come around the corner so fast – Yes, I’m just your photographer, but I’m the crazy aunt character too, throwing your baby in the air and soaking in every cuddle I can before I go home and take myself a little nap. Am I emotional typing this – a little. lol Sometimes those waves of overwhelming gratefulness + love hit me and here I am swimming in it.

So before I start to write bad poems or ramble on like a recipe blog – more of my favorites from this family whom I love with my whole heart.  Keep scrolling to see a few from her maternity/newborn/6/9 month sessions too.  Cute the tears, grab the tissues.


9 Months. <3

6 months



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