Ashley + Casey | 04.27.13

It’s hard to put into words everything I want to say about Casey and Ashley’s wedding beyond generic phrases like “it was perfect and filled with love” or ” such a magical day.” Even though those things are very true, they don’t even begin to encompass the way you felt.

I’ve never seen a man love a woman so deeply as Casey does Ashley. It gives me goose bumps and I get all emotional just thinking about it. It’s true, it’s felt, it’s seen. And every single detail of their wedding, down to her fingerprint on his wedding band screamed it. They are together what every parent wants for their child – they are grounded, deeply in love and centered around God, their family. You can see it in their eyes, in their smiles how happy they are with one another, and I’m positive they were meant to find each other in this life.

This whole day was so rich with wonderful relationships it was crazy. Ashley and her mother have such a wonderful connection you can literally feel your heart bursting with love being around them. So much, I called my Mom after the ceremony just to tell her I loved her. LOL All the bridesmaids were happy, supportive, emotional – they just wrapped around the bride like such a wonderful support system. The Groom and groomsmen were all smiles, jokes, handshakes and big man hugs. Matching crazy socks and all. Every single person was ridiculously happy. It was seamless. No stress. It was in fact, perfect.

It was a day filled with sacred tradition and candlelight. Beautiful singers. An amazing band. No first looks, but the couple did hold hands, pray and exchange gifts before hand. Casey never opened his eyes. He said he wanted it to be right. He wanted to see her, for the first time in her dress, walking down the aisle to be his wife. Imagine how emotional Elaina handled that. Tears. Big fat crocodile ones, too.

I had Kristy of Bella Posa second shooting for me on this super fantastic day, and we were both in awe of how much time, thought and effort the family put into every detail of this wedding. It was elegant, timeless and fun. And Kristy is over the top talented, so of course go make sure to check her out too!

I’ll stop rambling even though there is just so much more I want to say. The love from this day wrapped around me like a warm blanket, and I’m still smiling about it. So much that I’ve been burning the midnight fuel to give everyone more of an in-depth preview of Ashley and Casey’s day. Here are a few more of my favorite. :D And when I say a few, I mean a lot.

So thank you. Thank you for picking me to be your photographer. It was an absolute honor to be there, to capture this, to gain amazing friendships and break out some of my really awkward dance moves. Thank you for trusting me, for inspiring me and showing me the love you all so generously share with each other.

Casey and Ashley, I wish you all the love this world has to offer. But you don’t need that, because you already have what so many people spend their entire life looking for.

Big hugs and much love,



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