April + Paul | A backyard Vow Renewal

Love is all you need. Literally.

Meet April and Paul, who had a (kind of ) surprise 30th vow renewal a whole year early.  I asked April to write me up a little something, and boy did she say exactly what I had envisioned.

“Never thought I would have met the love of my life in a bowling Alley in 1989 but here we are 29 years later…

My best friend introduced us at the bowling alley in 1989 but we didn’t hit it off because he thought I was snobby. The next time we saw each other we were “crusing” freeman lake and I fell for his short shorts and Hawaiian shirt. He called and asked me on our first date to Chi Chi’s in Louisville. We were engaged in ‘90 and married in ‘91.
Since then we have had two beautiful daughters and a lifetime of memories. We have lost dear loved ones but also gained a few too. We are most recently empty nesters and had discussed renewing our wedding vows for our 30th anniversary in 2021 to embrace this new phase of our life.
Noticing my father’s dementia was progressing just as quickly as time was passing, Paul decided it couldn’t wait. He surprised me with a vow renewal for our 29th wedding anniversary. Complete with our closest family, and even my favorite cake. The love that was felt on this day far surpassed that which was felt on our wedding day. Looking into my husband’s eyes knowing a life time of memories stood between us is a moment I’ll never be able to recreate. Knowing my Dad, our two girls, and the rest of our family was there to share this moment was priceless. But above all, knowing that God made this man for me, and I for him, makes the next 30 years seem just like a dream. “


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