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Yesterday it was in the 50’s outside – and it was glorious. An odd mix of the snow melting, plenty of mud puddles, birds chirping and a warm breeze. The end of one season and beginning of another – just like this sweet shoot! This amazing family is welcoming a baby girl very soon and the weather finally gave us a day to all get together to celebrate.

Nolan and I danced to Uptown Funk, we splashed in puddles, threw balls and I sang even a few songs of Barney. My efforts were worth it though, since he did give me a few high fives as we were headed home. I met the Newtons when Crystal was expecting Nolan, so I’ve photographed him all throughout his life and and honored to do the same with his little sister. And let’s go ahead and talk about how gorgeous Momma is – just radiates beauty from inside and out.

A cheers to new chapters, babies, families and winter turning to spring.

Hugs –



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