Lacey + Harlin | Snowy Engagement

Twelve inches of snow dumped on us yesterday, which is odd for Kentucky. We always get snow here and there, but this is a ‘crap ton’ from what we are use to. And basically made all of Lacey’s dreams come true.  She’s be planning, we’ve re-arranged schedules a few time hoping for a snowy engagement session – and it finally happened. They packed up their truck and drove over an hour to get to my farm, sat out in a blizzard and smiled the entire time. They’re fine folks that are easy to love, up for an adventure – and even brought their sweet puppies along.

They rocked their session and we didn’t freeze to death – even though I didn’t realize how hard it was to shoot during really heavy snowfall. We built a tiny fire, laughed and got covered in snow – all of which was pretty awesome. If you are recently engaged, planning a wedding – let’s get together! This is the season for weddings bookings for us, and I’d love to see your face in front of my camera as much as I loved to see these two!

Here’s a few more favorite from their engagement session yesterday! Hope everyone is staying warm, getting to sleep in and watch movies and really enjoy a real snow day.

Hugs and Hot Chocolate –

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