Snowdays and Daydreams

So, we’ve had snow days for a week. 5 days of not leaving my house, a bobcat to dig me out and cabin fever at an all time high – I needed to get out and shoot. Kentucky isn’t quite use to over 12″ of snow and sub zero temps, which basically shut us completely down leaving the bread, milk and egg departments sold out at every grocery store (does everyone make french toast? I don’t get it). So as I cleaned my house for the 1000th time and was completely caught up on work, I’d stare out the window and daydream of daffodils, crocus, and this pretty snow gently melting away if the sun would ever come out.

And the same with my gorgeous sweet cousin – from a child to a young woman, she is blooming oh-so-beautifully. A quick idea, a quick email, and a quick shoot later – I’m beyond pleased with this last minute ordeal. She stood in the rain, in the snow – and ROCKED every single image I took. We shot less than 15 minutes, and if it weren’t for her being completely soaking wet, I could have shot her pretty face all afternoon.

Here’s some more of my favorites of Ariel – my little spring princess still caught in the snow. Proud of her for this shoot, and also for what a gorgeous young woman she’s growing into. Stay tuned – her real senior shoot is later this week!

Hugs and Hot Cocoa. <3


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