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I had the opportunity to meet this amazing family in November, during some time spent in the hills of Georgia with Jinky Art Photography. And this is a family that I most certainly will never forget. They are slowly building a life that focuses on purpose and intention – living simply but living oh so fully. They have been working on their bus renovations for many months, and will start their journey on finding the perfect place to start homesteading soon. And since seeing this amazing bunch, they’ve welcomed their 6th child into the world – a sweet little girl named Philomena. They have an phenomenal story and inspiration, all of which you can follow here.

Experiences like this really take you back to your roots – where you find your inspiration, dreams, and the guts to do follow through with them. And in self reflection, why I do what I do. And that is simply because I love people. How we are so similar, but so different. How beauty is in all of us, along with courage, a story, and walking away a different soul based on the others we run into along the way. How it is SO SIMPLE, all this life stuff. To love simply, to live simply – and everything else really does fall into place.

So here’s a big freaking high five to a family that is doing their own thing, and doing it well. Those giant smiles and they way I can look at these and hear their little laughs. A family I sincerely respect and cross my fingers I can run into again.



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