Sarah + Sean |Michigan Apple Orchard Wedding

There’s a ridiculous amount of favorites I’m sharing from this wedding, and I’m not sorry about it. Sarah is very special to me – a darling girl I met through the industry several years ago, and I’ve watched her both grow as a photographer, and as a courageous, smart, beautiful woman. We’ve visited one another, photographed one another – I’ve even eaten breakfast with her Mom and she’s taught me how to dance (or maybe I was just trying too hard to move my hips like that!).

Sarah is the owner and talent behind Shine On Photography, and if you’re familiar with her work at all (because, it’s fab), you can imagine what an honor and privilege it was when she asked me to photograph one of the most memorable days of her life. A teary moment then, thankful I could hide behind my camera for tears on her wedding day, a few here and there editing, and maybe a few now. A blabbering mess is what I am!

They had 100% chance of rain on their wedding day, and not a drop spilled from the sky. The Apple Orchard was in complete bloom, the day went as smooth as silk. Sean couldn’t stop crying and telling her how beautiful she was in between photos. He high fived me and even gave me a few chest bumps here and there – so I’m going to say he’s one lucky kick-ass guy. Sarah has a heart as beautiful as she is, and it’s obvious that it is absolutely filled with love.

So it is my complete honor to share with you Mr. and Mrs. Trumble – may your days be as sweet as apple blossoms, and your night filled with sparklers. :)

-Special thanks to my dear friend, Erin Waston Photography for road tripping with me, assisting and second shooting!

Venue: Meckleys Flavor Fruit Farm
lorals: Angels Floral Creations

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