Nora and Bryan | 12.31.15

Nora and Bryan celebrated the end of one year and beginning of the next in the best way possible – getting married. This New Years Eve wedding was absolutely gorgeous and truly a celebration from start to finish. With just the perfect amount of glitz and glam, a live band and dancing all night, it was an honor to spend my New Year doing what I love best.

A HUGE congrats to Nora and Bryan and many, many New Years celebrations to come. Here’s a few more favorites from their day!

Brides and Grooms – I’m currently booking for 2016 and 2017 weddings, and would love to see your name on my calendar. Hit the Connect button above and let’s get talking about your love story.

Venues: Marriott East, The Olmstead, Louisville, KY
Wedding Planner: Alicia, Weekend Wedding Warrior, LLC
Wedding and Bridesmaid Apparel: Anne Barge
Band: The Sensations


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