Mohammed + Nour | A Galt House Wedding


Mohammed and Nour had a gorgeous celebration of their marriage last night at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY. Surrounded by their closest friends and family from both near and far, it was an intimate, candlelit evening  and the perfect start to my wedding season. With snow still on the ground and a chilly breeze, we made the most out of the gorgeous interior of the hotel, but managed a few (even rooftop) appearances for them as well.

This event was completely coordinated by the staff at the Galt House, from the flowers, the RIVUE  experience with fine-dining, cake and suites – they are always happy to help and very hands on during your day. It’s experience totally catered to your needs, and you can contact Courtney Kiefer, (Sales Manager, Weddings and Special Events. 502-568.4271 or )

A cheers to the newly weds and a celebration of love!

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