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You can imagine how surprised I was to open an email from a wonderful lady whom I’ve never met, with a gift.

Back in January I had several photographer friends down – to relax and rejuvenate, to shoot a little. Nothing formal, just a laid back week where we could sleep in and laugh a lot.  (To see that blog post, you can here.)

After posting some shots we had taken that weekend, we were unintentionally inspiring another. So much, that she handmade each of us a custom camera strap and coffee mug warmer. EACH OF US. When I received the package in the mail, I was blown away at how beautiful everything was inside. Beautifully comfortable + functional camera straps. There are even little hidden pockets inside of the strap for memory cards and lens caps – ’cause God knows those are easy to lose! Pieces she cut and put together with her own hands, on her own time – and without being asked to. Without any intention other than sending a gift to a few crazy girls that had somehow brightened her afternoon with our randomness.

I was so touched by this selfless gift that it I have to show it off. Just have to. She deserves a virtual hug and high five from all of us, and hopefully a few of you out there might be inspired to do something for another – not because you have to, but because you  want to!

To Keri at The Quilted Valkyrie – thank you. For spending countless hours handcrafting 6 ladies a beautiful gift. For inspiring us, touching our lives and brightening our day. THANK YOU.

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