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Meet Kenzi. She makes music and food, and also made a tiny perfect little human. She’s a fiancé, a lover of puppies, tacos and guitars. She’s changing diapers and singing lullabies. She’s cuddling on the couch and beginning to plan her wedding. She’s writing songs and making music videos in her living room. She’s not chasing her dreams – she’s making them a reality.

She wrote her first song at 10, and continued to let that be a creative outlet and safe place through troubled times, insecurities and moments of self-doubt. She wanted her music to reach out to others in similar situations, create community for those who thought they were alone. What a wise child, right?

At 15 she auditioned for American Idol (Season 10), and was an epic trip of ‘firsts’ for her. A first plane ride, first time in California, singing on TV and most importantly, first time eating at Rainforest Cafe – she came home inspired and ready to make her music a serious goal. And if you want to see an interview with an adorable 15 year old Kenzi, you can right here: I mean, she is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

At the ripe old wise age of 18, she made her first trip alone to Nashville, made some friends, found a crappy (but affordable-ish) apartment, and a job. A week later she was moved in, amped up and ready to take over. Can we get a few fist pumps?!

Then comes  time with you fall in love with your best friend. The stuff that songs are made of, right? And as life does to all of us, gives us people and situations we weren’t expecting, but changes our lives in the most phenomenal way. A move from an apartment in their first home, and 3 months later, a gorgeous baby girl named Ellie Grace.

Josh and Kenzi are now engaged and are effortlessly adorable together. The way they love each other, that gorgeous baby of theirs along with a newly added puppy, Tako – well, it just fills your heart right up. Kenzi continues to focus on her music, and her voice sounds even sweeter when she has that sweet babe on her hip.

Kenzi is 20 years old and has the courage and self-confidence of 100 fierce women with cool hair. She’s not spending her time prayin’ and wishin’ – she’s hustlin’. She puts her music out to the world, she’s playing at shows, and she’s bound to be the next big thing. Without a doubt I can say that she has what it takes. She’s doing the work, the late nights and rocking at it. She’s someone that we can find inspiration from, and I can’t wait to sing loudly in my car when her song comes on the radio. Because it will. And I love to sing in the car. Audience of 1 for me, please. :)

So, without further ado – more of my favorites from my time with Kenzi, Josh and Ellie. And if you want more of this gorgeous starlet, well – I can’t blame you. Here’s all her links to make you feel like you’re hangin’ in her living room right with her. Because I’ve done that. And it’s really rad.

Instagram: @KenziLewis
Twitter: @KenziLewis

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