Hey 2014. Aren’t you handsome.

Yawn……Well hello 2014. Aren’t you looking handsome.

I hope I’m not the only one looking back on 2013 and it’s a whirlwind blur. I can’t remember another year that seemed to go by so fast – packed with surprises, lots of travel, days where I didn’t think I was going to make it through and days that were the best of my life. Like one of those fast flip books that make a cool picture at the end. That’s exactly how everyday of 2013 seemed to me.

I’ve taken the last two weeks of the year completely (well, almost) off of work. I didn’t get on the internet unless I had too. I let my vacation response take care of emails that were piling up and I haven’t answered texts. I took my nose out of my phone and enjoyed my family, worked on projects around the house, organized and slept in later than normal. I got massages and splurged on little things I’ve been wanting all year. I spent a lot of time with just me, myself and I – and it was fantastic. Nice little hiatus – a final cheers to a year that brought me so much.

So as we welcome a new year, I really don’t have any amazingly awesome resolutions. I’m pretty happy with the way life is going, so no need to fix something that isn’t broke. But what I do hope for is ‘More’ – more travel, more laughs and love, more memories, more time. I hope I have more courage to look inside myself and do what feels right – even when ‘right’ isn’t the easiest decision.

It’s funny how differently you look at life the older you get. Fresh out of college I wanted to make lots of money, be skinny, drive a Land Rover and change the world. First three of those things take a lot less priority than I could have ever imagined. Actually, those things I don’t even think about anymore, (well, I do still have high hopes for that Land Rover before I’m 60.For now, the ole’ Rav-4 still is getting the job done.) ;)

So I’m taking these little reflections and putting them toward my business – which is of course is the biggest reflection of ‘me’ that the world gets to see.

In 2014 I have an ‘updated’ look – no rebranding with chevron stripes and cutesy prints. A bit more simple. A bit more of me. A brand new website is up and running, simple + fun. That’s my thing ya know.  So take a look around, let me know what you think!

In 2014 I’ll be more organized, less over-worked, and more rejuvenated. I’ll be limiting my work load to 5 sessions per week, and 15 weddings per year. I want to spend more time with you, doing what I love.

The organized part is the hardest, but the simplest solution to this is just KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. Instead of taking texts, personal Facebook messages and those on my business page, I’ll be doing all of my business correspondence though my contact tab on my website. It’s the fastest way to contact me, the easiest for me to reply to and keep track of. So pretty please before you decide you want to text me at 12pm on Christmas Eve about a photo shoot, just hop on over to my website instead. :)

I hope to travel more, see the country and make some memories. So, I’ll be implementing discounted destination wedding + portrait packages. Take me some where I’ve never been. Pretty, please.

I’ll be focusing my work on weddings + families this year. “Family” is a pretty big umbrella of clients, so don’t worry, I’m still going  to be photographing your newborns, your family, you and your loved ones and those amazing high school seniors. I’ll be doing less of boudoir, but still available upon request. :)



I’m updating the studio with a brand new bathroom, more organized space and storage – but keeping a nice laid back environment for you and your family. Construction starts on Monday, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. Every house needs 4 bathrooms, right? LOL

My biggest struggle this year as been balance. I’m going to say that statement is true for many folks, and it’s something that really tugs on my heart.  It’s hard to put down your work when you are absolutely obsessed with it. I’ve spent more time with other families than I have my own. I’ve missed out on birthdays, time to just have dinner with good friends and my leg shaving schedule is a bit out of whack too. This year I plan to really focus on giving my clients a wonderful experience while still getting to sit down and enjoy some down time with those I love too. So, I’ll be closed every Monday and I’m going to be really selfish and take off one weekend per month to do non-work stuff. You know, like doing laundry, paying bills, hanging with my family and sitting in the recliner. Normal people stuff. I miss it, a lot. And that’s something that’s going to take priority this year instead of a back burner.

I’ll stop rambling and raise my glass to an amazing year, and a brand new one right in front of me. THANK YOU for your amazing support, letting me live my dream and reading slightly boring blog posts today. I’ll be back from my hiatus tomorrow, ready to cause some trouble, raise a little hell and make awesome photos – with folks just like you.

Let’s take 2014 by the horns. Because you rock. Period.



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