Happy Halloween!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away………


Halloween is our favorite – obviously. You can dress up, be absolutely ridiculous, scare kids, eat candy, you don’t have to buy a gift for anyone or feel bad for not going to church. I mean, it has my name written ALL OVER IT! So, it’s become a new thing for us to do something pretty funny (kinda like we do for our Awkward Christmas Cards each year). This started with my MUST DO attitude of dressing my  precious Shih-Tzu as an Ewok, and we just went from there. :)

Here’s a few from past Halloweens. We didn’t start taking an ‘official’ photo until last year, and SO many photos I can’t find from many moons ago. However, enough to make you giggle! So, get out there – enjoy the evening. Be a kid, be fun and ridiculous. It really is the best time of year!


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