Hannah + Corey | A baby makes three

We’ve had so many storms lately here, and yesterday was suppose to be one of them. But we lucked out for a few hours, the sun came out and the weather (for once!) played nice for me. Meet Hannah + Corey, waiting on a sweet little boy named Cash to arrive this summer.

Not only are these two sweet as sugar, but so comfortable in front of the camera. Hannah ROCKED it, even when we were in mud up to our ankles in a creek, she was flawless. Corey, you’re not too bad yourself. ;)

A big cheers to these two, on new beginnings, new life, and a very very loved baby boy.

Right now I’m booking late June and forward, and would love to have you in front of my camera! You can find all of my pricing, FAQ, details right here on my website, so take a look around and let’s get together.

Hair – Ashley Johnson (Hair and Nail Detail, Elizabethtown, KY)
Makeup – Alex Jordan (Airbrush by Alex)


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