Chelsey + Dylan 05|12|18

I know I’m always telling you to be patient – give this page some time to load because I’m a chronic over-sharer. And I REALLY mean it on this one – it’s a doozy of hundreds of beautiful images that may take just an extra second to load up on your screen, so grab a cup of coffee and get ready to fall head over heels in love with this perfect day.

Chelsey + Dylan were married in their hometown of historic Bardstown, right on Spalding Hall Lawn. They incorporated all the things that tug on those heartstrings – handwritten vows, thoughtful gifts,  and a very emotional first look as she walked down the isle. Her father surprised the crowd with the sweetest message voice-over right before she took her first step down the isle to see her husband AND also made her veil!

The way that Dylan looks at Chelsey is what we ALL want and yearn for – that unconditional, deep and true love that you can feel without hearing a word. And in the next second, they’re laughing, being ridiculous and ready to get this party started. They are the perfect combination of all things good – a true soulmate match. They’re the people you’re drawn too in a crowd, the ones that make you feel wanted, the ones that make you smile, the ones you’ll never forget.

My FAVORITE little tid-bits of the day: Dylan’s personalized gold Nikes he switched into for the reception. A donut table. Her “I love you” tattoo in Dylan’s handwriting.  The perfectly coordinated bridesmaids dresses with completely different styled. Really, really great dancing. A few photobombs. Bud light. Pretty sunsets and a really kick ass couple.

I could ramble and ramble, but I’ll save you the extra 5 minutes and stop here and let you relish in a day they planned perfectly. A HUGE cheers to Chelsey + Dylan and the perfect start to a long story of adventures. <3



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