hi. high five.

I’m not going to tell you much about me behind the camera. I hope it’s easy to tell that I eat.sleep.breathe photography and am pretty obsessed with it! That’s really not what I’m best at anyway.

I’m best at
connecting with people.
With making you feel comfortable, being
unreasonable at times
and having fun.

I’m great at making you relax, at talking, understanding, and absorbing the moment. I ‘get’ you. It doesn’t matter if we are celebrating your 1st birthday, or your 90th – I can see through the chaos and embrace what’s beautiful. And that’s you. It’s your children, your wedding day, your family, your environment. And I’m best at just being me, just like you are at being you.

I'm your typical mid-thirties something chic just having a good time through life. I'm a little awkward, a little chubby, totally down to earth and moderately funny. I'm also a wedding and family photographer based in Elizabethtown, KY but travel all over the country. Proud and overwhelmingly grateful to be a full time photographer since 2012.

Other interesting facts: I have two dogs, no kids, a bald husband in tow. We love to travel, eat at Waffle House on occasion, listen to the oldies - but honest our favorite thing is to have a laid back good time.

I'm just looking to have a laugh out loud kind of time with you too. Let's get together, pop open a beer, do something fun.


Enjoy. Let’s chat, maybe even get together. Cheers to you, to me and all things yellow.


*all photo credit above goes to my wonderful friend Heather from THE END PHOTOGRAPHY.
Go check her out. You’ll love her just like I do.

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