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I’ve spent a lot of time this winter finding balance. Trying not to drown and lose myself in work, to-do lists, making myself busier than I need to be, or suffocating from clutter. Finding Zen maybe, even though I’m not entirely sure what that means on some days. And one of those big things I needed to work on was my space – it was a mess. I work completely from home and walked past this hot mess in the hallway everyday. It was black, and dark, and that’s so not me unless it’s in between the words ‘little’ and ‘dress’. I was working too much to stay organized in a space that was impossible to stay organized. A cluster-crap. I’m one of those people that need to clean my house before I can focus on another task, and just look at the room I spent the most time in. No wonder I was stressed out. GROSS.

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My office space “BEFORE.” Seriously, gross.

Just a few days before Christmas, I decided I could not stare or be in this room for one more single second. Before my husband had even an idea or clue to my intentions, my office was already taken apart and I was sending him on a hunt for cabinets and paint. I’m a huge jerk like that.

It was also a big deal to me to reuse as much as I could, and do this on the cheap. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money (especially right before Christmas and vacation) and I honestly am working hard on the mindset that less is more – I already have too many things, and wasn’t interested in adding to my messy pile of hoarding.

We scored 4 new cabinets (two for the walls, and two that are on each end of the long area of my desk) for $50. FIFTY DOLLARS! Sweet! I (and really I mean we – well, mostly him) drug everything out into the garage, made ourselves a little “dexter” plastic paint room and got to it. Everything got a fresh coat of white paint and I reused EVERY piece of furniture that I already had except two end cabinets that were literally falling apart.

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Two days and a bit of rearranging, some Pinterest Inspiration – and $400 total invested, I have a whole new room.
She’s light, organized – I can find and see everything. I have functional work space that is clutter free. Not too girly, not too plain. Not too fancy. Just right.

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I have a space to read, to work, to relax and let my mind daydream it’s heart out without feeling like I’m in a black hole. It’s nothing fancier than a Lowe’s kitchen countertop and some hand me down furniture. New curtains were on clearance and everything else was reused. I don’t care that it’s not something you would see on HGTV, I don’t care that everything is not hung even or exactly straight – It’s just a simple place for me to unwind and feeling amazing while I work. And that is worth more than any amount of money considering how stressed and overwhelmed I felt before.

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This is the Pinterest Board I made for inspiration – which is filled with lots of DIY projects and money saving ideas for something just like this! And while I was at it, I went ahead and gave my branding a refresh as well – same design elements, just ditched the brown and green and embraced things that reflected “ME” more. So, not a rebrand – just a little tidy refresh.  I order all of my cards, stickers, thank you notes from MOO.com, personalized stamps from Zazzle.com, USBs and bags from Photoflashdrives.com and my little bird stamp from Rubberstamps.net !

Before and After (iPhone shots, don't judge me.)

Before and After (iPhone shots, don’t judge me.)

Cheers to an amazing new year with big adventures planned! May your days be less clutter with ‘things’ and more filled with ‘moments.’

Hugs and love!

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